Simple. Smart. Made for You.

We build software that helps humanitarians do their work faster, easier, and better than before.


We want to help! And we want to try a different model for putting technology into the hands of our humanitarian workers.


We believe that most business processes can be improved with automation, and that improvements for the humanitarian sector have been neglected over the last several years. These groups need help from our tech community, and we are stepping in.


We love non-profits! While working through our business model, we realized pretty quickly that high-end software and the typical non-profit model would be hard to meld. Keeping software up-to-date and current, along with just general maintenence (not to mention enhancements and new features!), requires funding – and lots of it. Have you ever written a grant application that goes something like… “this money will pay for general maintenance for our system for a year…”? Or would you donate $ to an organization that promises to use your funds to pay for updates needed to keep up the system compatible with the new iOS release? Neither would we.

So, we are charging minimal fees to keep top-of-the-line software running. We’ll spend the funds on new features, enhancements AND ongoing maintenance costs (that are much less exciting, but TRUST ME, they are needed).