You have a mission.

We can help.

Software/Automation Features

We want to help improve your mission's efficiencies, costs, and operations - which ultimately leads to better patient care.  We can give you key features that are both important to medical missions in developing countries, but that are also missing in the patient-tracking software available today.

No Internet, No problem...

backpackEMR will instantly share your patient's data securely from your Patient Intake iPad to the iPad in your Exam Room with a custom-built peer-to-peer network.

Simple Design

We include only the basic fields that you would want to capture and track for orthopedic medical missions. Everything you want. Nothing you don't.

Outcomes Metrics

Is your team performing heroics to generate mission metrics? When data is captured within backpackEMR, you have unlimited metrics potential.

Hot Technology

You like it hot? So do we. Humanitarians don't need to settle for last year's technology. We are building on the latest platforms with cutting-edge tools and coding trends.

Mobile and Portable

Does your clinic have big desktop computers on large desks? We didn't think so. Our mobile app runs on tablets, and are outfitted with rugged keyboard cases.


Works Offline

Patient can't make it into the clinic? You can retreive or enter patient data while offline, and backpackEMR will upload the data to the cloud when you are back at home base.

Available NOW!

Orthopedic Surgical Missions EMR


Hold Clinic

  • Capture patient intake with patient profiles and photos
  • Call patients for exams using the patient queue
  • Detail exams with photos of the injury and x-rays

Plan for Surgeries

  • Auto-generate list of surgical candidates from the clinic
  • Review surgical candidates easily with full details in one place
  • COMING SOON:  Surgical Planning Screen that includes drag-and-drop functionality to move candidates into an operating room schedule

Document Surgical Details

  • Organize surgical details like procedures, equipment, implants, notes, etc.
  • Embed key photos during the procedure for reference in follow-ups

Follow-Up with Your Patients

  • Document post-op instructions for local physicians
  • Organize and view post-op exams, photos, and x-rays 
  • COMING SOON:  Secure video chat with patients for follow-ups

New Modules Coming Soon! 

As Requested by BETA Missions

  • Trip Cost Savings 20%
  • People Hours Saved per Trip 25%
  • Additional Patients Treated 30%
  • Increase in Excitement to Capture Data 100%

What can backpackEMR do for you?

We want to partner with you to make your mission run smoothly. You are spending your own time, talents, and money to help the most vulnerable populations in the world, and we want to help. Mission trips are intense, and we think backpackEMR can help to alleviate some of the stress and strain of your overall effort. 

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