What do you do when you need 100% reliability?

Partner with THE BEST, of course!

Experience Matters

Digi International, Inc. (Digi) was formed in 1985—long before anyone coined the term the Internet of Things. They’ve always focused on connecting things.

As wireless data technologies evolved, they invented right along with it, applying their years of experience and unmatched connectivity knowledge.

With Digi headquarters and manufacturing just down the road from our office, their experience shines with personal evaluations and in-person demos of new products.

Demanding Environments

Today, Digi goes to work where the machines work. Vast oil fields. Intensive care units. Factory floors. Developing countries. 

They connect the millions of sensors, valves, and components that make these critical infrastructures function. Digi provides machine-to-machine (M2M) communications — the remote monitoring and management that critical applications depend on. This makes them the perfect partner to connect mission-critical medical devices during missions or disaster relief. 

Built for the Real World

There’s a lot of buzz these days about M2M and the Internet of Things. At Digi, it’s all about the Internet of Getting Things Done. Their customers have mission-critical goals to achieve. Budgets to meet. Deadlines to hit. This is machine connectivity with an ROI.

Digi puts proven technology to work for their customers so they can light up networks and launch new products – and help save lives. Machine connectivity that’s relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, managed—and always comes through when you need it most. That’s Digi.

A Few of our Faves

Digi’s routers give teams a solid cellular internet connection,

if needed, but also creates a reliable, device-to-device connection during clinics.

The LR54 model is easy to use, globally universal, equipped with dual-carrier SIM back-up, and is uber stable.

This model is ideal for seeing patients while in a clinic, hospital, or other set area. 

The WR11 also creates a solid cellular internet and a reliable device-to-device pairing.

The best part about the WR11? It is super small and portable, and is ideal for pop-up clinics or disaster scenarios

About Digi International

Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) is a leading global provider of business and mission-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. We help our customers create next-generation connected products and deploy and manage critical communications infrastructures in demanding environments with high levels of security, relentless reliability and bulletproof performance. Founded in 1985, we’ve helped our customers connect over 100 million things, and growing. For more information, visit Digi’s website at www.digi.com, or call 877-912-3444 (U.S.) or 952-912-3444 (International).